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09:45-10:00  Gathering 


10:00-11:15  Session 1

Sharon Pardo

What is Sports Diplomacy? Introduction of the the Center for Sports Diplomacy at BGU

Batel Gerbi

Sports Diplomacy and Values

Tami Hay

Sports Diplomacy and The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation: A Case Study

Arigay Bergher

The New Diplomats: The Decline of the State and the Rise of New Players in the Diplomatic Arena


11:15-11:30 Coffee Break


11:30-13:00  Session 2

Ido Rakovsky 
Perceptions Towards Israeli Sports and Athletes in the International Arena

Ilan Manor

The Global Sport Event/Terror Link from the Prism of AI Bias: The Paris 2024 Olympics

Guy Podoler

Heritage in Sports Diplomacy: The Korean Case

Shira Barzel

When Sports Teams Take a Stand in Political Conflicts:  What Does it Do to the Relationships with the Fans?

Tomer Adini Finer

The Future of Football: Understanding Generation Alpha’s Impact on Global Perspectives

13:00-13:45  Lunch Break

13:45-15:15  Session 3

Sophia Solomon

Sports Diplomacy and the Abraham Accords

Boaz Sity

The Palestinian Authority’s Legal Battle to Suspend Israel from FIFA Over Conflict-Related Violations

Chen Kertcher

Conditioned Sport in Times of War: Arab Minority Representation in Israeli Sports Media Since October 7th War

Yuval Reinfeld

Uniting Culture, Sport, and Digital Innovation: The Impact of EU’s New Digital Single Market Order

Niv Nachlieli

Middle East Co-Hosting the Olympics

15:15-15:30  Conclusions

Who Are We

Who We Are

The Center for Sports Diplomacy (CSD) was established in April 2024 at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) with the objective of gaining a deeper understanding of the interplay between sport and diplomacy. The study of sport’s role in diplomacy challenges traditional state-centric approaches and sheds light on a myriad of associated issues, including international relations, governance, business, cultural diplomacy, and public diplomacy.

The CSD will engage in collaborative research spanning the social sciences, humanities, business and management, tourism, public health, and climate change. It will conduct interdisciplinary research with local, national, and international researchers, as well as non-governmental organizations and relevant associations. The focus areas will include sports, sport and nation branding, sport and public diplomacy, sport and soft power, sport and normative power, sport and countries/cities/communities image, sport mega-events and human rights, sport and gender, sport and minorities, sport and disability, sport and cultural heritage, sport and culture, sport and art diplomacy, sport and tourism, sport and sustainability, and regeneration.

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